North Richland Hills, TX

North Richland Hills, TX

Electrical Services North Richland Hills

Think about what you would do if your electrical system suddenly stopped working. I bet you would worry about the safety of your family, home, or business. You would want to find an electrical expert to fix the issue as soon as possible, right? Well, you can put your mind at ease when choosing to work with Daniel Electric. We are here to help with any electrical services in North Richland Hills.

We are a family owned and operated electrical company with over 30 years of experience serving businesses and homes in the area. When it comes to electrical services, you don’t want just anyone working on your wiring or equipment. At Daniel Electric, our fully licensed and insured electricians are background-checked and drug-tested prior to hiring. This ensures that our customers can trust us to handle their electrical jobs with care and integrity. We offer free estimates and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for emergencies.

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North Richland Hills, TX

Electricians Serving North Richland Hills and the Surrounding Areas

You are probably wondering, “Is hiring a professional electrician worth it?” You could try to do the job yourself and risk making things worse. Or you could call on an amateur whose work is subpar and end up with a huge headache. Or you could take the chance that an inexperienced electrician will get the job done—but at what cost?

We are here to tell you that, yes, it is worth it. Hiring a qualified professional will give your electrical project the attention it deserves and put your mind at ease, knowing that the work has been done right. When you hire Daniel Electric, you hire someone with many years of experience handling all types of electrical projects, including new construction and remodeling. From installing a new light fixture to repairing an old one, our electricians have the expertise to ensure everything is up-to-date and working correctly. With Daniel Electric, you can trust that we can:

  • Fix problems with your current wiring system
  • Install new wiring systems as needed
  • Ensure your existing circuits work properly
  • Upgrade old fixtures or install new ones

We guarantee our workmanship and never leave until you are satisfied with the results.


Signs You Need Electrical Repair

When your lights flicker, you might assume it’s just a temporary. But what you may not realize is that even the smallest problem can quickly snowball into a big issue and become deadly. If you notice any of these signs, it’s time to get an electrician.

  • Lights are dimmer than usual
  • Frequent power outages in your home or business
  • The power goes out when you use an appliance 
  • Appliances work intermittently

When you spot these issues, call Daniel Electric right away for repairs. Whether it’s a small repair or an entire rewiring job, our team has got you covered with quick turnaround times, fair prices, and friendly customer service.

We are here for you 24/7. Call us today.

Electrical panel repair & Replacement

Electrical Panel Repair & Replacement Services in North Richland Hills

Your electrical panel is the heart of your home’s electrical system. It’s what distributes electricity throughout your house and to appliances like the fridge and furnace. If you are unsure whether or not to get an electrical panel repair, there are a few tell-tale signs.

First, check for any loose or broken wires. If you see any, get them repaired immediately to prevent the risk of fire. Also, check for any excessive heat coming from your electrical panel. If there is, it could be a sign of an impending fire or explosion.

If the power goes out suddenly in your home and then comes back on after a few minutes, you have a faulty electrical panel that should get fixed. Also, call a professional if your lights flicker or dim when you turn on an appliance like an air conditioner. This can mean there is too much demand for power on one side of your electrical panel, and you should get it checked. 

At Daniel Electric, we specialize in electrical panel repair and replacement services. So If your electrical panel is acting up, call us. We don’t just do electrical panel repair. We also do electrical panel replacement and electrical panel installation. We are the ones to call if you have any issues with your electrical panel.

If you need electrical panel repair or replacement services, don’t hesitate to call us at 817-481-8606.

Whole House Surge Protection

Whole House Surge Protection Installation Services in North Richland Hills

You might not realize how much electricity is surging through your whole house. Even if you don’t have any major appliances or electronic devices, a lot of things can cause power surges, like lightning strikes or even tree limbs hitting power lines. This is why installing whole house surge protection is important to protect your home from power surges and lightning strikes. This system comes with many benefits.

Firstly, it helps you save money on energy bills. When you have no power surges in your home, you won’t have to pay for an electrician or any other type of repair work. Whole house surge protectors prevent damage to appliances and electronics in your home. Additionally, whole house surge protectors protect data stored on electronic devices in your home from being corrupted or destroyed by a power surge or lightning strike. 

With whole house surge protection installed by one of the technicians at Daniel Electric, you can rest assured that your home will be safe from power surges and other electrical problems. We will help you:

  • Select the right type of protection for your needs
  • Install the protection so that it works properly
  • Test and maintain the system regularly

Our team installs the best quality products on the market to ensure your home is safe from power outages, surges, and brownouts.

Need whole house surge protection installation in your home? Call us now.

EV CHarging station

EV Charging Station Installation Services in North Richland Hills

If you have an electric vehicle, you know how difficult it can be to find places to charge up. If you don’t have a plug-in at your home, using your EV for long distances can be extremely difficult. Thankfully, there is an easy solution — EV charging station installation in your home. With this system, you can easily charge up on the go, no matter where you are in North Richland Hills.

An EV can be expensive to fuel up. But if you install an EV charging station in your home, you can charge your car much more cheaply than if you were using gas stations or other methods of refueling. Additionally, you will spend less money on maintenance and repairs over time because most EVs require less maintenance than their gas-powered counterparts. Better still, having a charging station helps the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions from automobiles and trucks. EVs don’t use fossil fuels like gasoline or diesel, so they don’t emit carbon dioxide into our atmosphere like other vehicles do when they burn fuel during operation.

Daniel Electric is here to help you with all your EV charging station installation needs. We will work with you to find the best place for the charging station. We work with all makes and models of electric vehicles and will install your charger safely with minimal disruption to your home and property. We will also show you how to use the system so that you can easily charge your EV when needed.

Ready to get started on your system? Call us at 817-481-8606 for unrivaled service.

Commercial electrician

Commercial Electrician Services in North Richland Hills

The electrical service needs of a commercial building are different from those of a residential facility. The demands are higher, the environment is more complex, and the consequences of failure can be more severe. That’s why you need to hire a professional to handle your commercial electrical services.

When you work with Daniel Electric, you can be assured that your electrical needs will be met by an experienced team that knows how to handle all types of commercial buildings, from office complexes to industrial warehouses and everything in between.

We offer commercial electrical services designed to help you save time and money as you focus on the big picture. Here are just some of the things we can do for you:

  • Install new circuits
  • Fix faulty wiring and breakers
  • Design custom lighting solutions for your office
  • Rebuild existing circuits to increase efficiency
  • Upgrade outdated systems

Whether you need help with a new building or with an existing building, we can help. We also offer:

Why Choose Us

Choose Daniel Electric for Fast, Quality Electrical Services in North Richland Hills

We have been serving the community for years and are ready to provide you with all of your electrical needs. Whether you are building a new home and want electrical systems installed correctly or your current electrical system isn’t working right, our expert electrical experts can help with everything, from ceiling fans to GFCIs and wiring upgrades. With options like our 24/7 emergency services, you can rest easy knowing that our skilled electricians will be on the job quickly and efficiently. Our goal is to keep your home or business up and running as safely, efficiently, and as effectively as possible.

Contact us today for a free estimate or to learn more about our comprehensive electrical services in North Richland hills.