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Imagine flipping on your kitchen light switch and your garbage disposal turning on due to electrical cross-wiring. Or worse—imagine nothing happening at all; no fresh pot of coffee or breakfast made on your electric stove, no lighting, and no phone or other device to tell you how to fix it. 

Electricity is essential in today’s world, keeping us from going back to functioning around candlelight and heading to the library with every random question throughout the day. When it’s unreliable, you may be wondering, “Is there an electrician near me?” At Daniel Electric Company, our five-star team has worked for over 30 years in Southlake, TX, alleviating wiring concerns for households and businesses. 

Electrical repair

When Do You Need an Electrical Repair?

Although every modern-day house in the states relies heavily on electricity, dealing with it becomes dangerous when wiring goes awry. Not only can you receive a jolt (anything from a static shock to electrocution), but if you notice sparks and smoke, something as simple as charging your phone turns into a fire hazard. Before a fire breaks out, be aware of these common signs you require an expert electrician. 

Having a bulb go out is not uncommon in your home, but what if the next bulb you put in immediately meets the same fate? 

A room or floor, if not your entire home, may be in constant darkness due to a circuit overload, just as flickering lights originate from a loose connection. It could also lead to a tripped circuit breaker that creates regular power outages. Even if your lighting is fine, you’ll notice concerns elsewhere, such as bright sparks when you use your outlets, whether plugging in an appliance or hooking up your charger.

A power overload causes metal parts to overheat and smell like burning metal. You’ll also smell melted plastic if your wires become singed, causing them to spark and smoke. Some buzzing, hissing, or popping sounds heard from your outlets or within walls may accompany this, spelling disaster if left untreated. 

Commercial & residential services

Commercial and Residential Electrician Services We Provide

When you call for an electrician near me for an electrical repair, our fine team of #1 professionals in the area arrives at your home with a fully stocked vehicle, ready to tackle any electrical concerns. We’ll investigate your issue before conducting the following commercial or residential electrician services in Southlake, TX.

Just a few of our residential services include:

  • Pool electrical repair: We install, service, and replace circulating pumps, sweep motors, spa lights, and other components to effectively set water parameters, clean the pool, and adjust chemicals as needed. 
  • TV installation: We’ll mount your chosen device to the wall, install power outlets, and route HDMI cables.
  • Underground circuits: We’ll install underground wiring with the direct burial method with accurate conduit types and depths as the material or situation deems necessary.
  • Hot tub installation: We’ll install your hot tub indoors or out, despite the make or model.
  • Ceiling fan installation: We’ll get the required mounting box, a #14 gauge romex cable run, and other necessary pieces to safely affix your fan to the ceiling, allowing you to control it remotely or with a switch. 
  • Surge protection: Surge protection prevents many of the above concerns by controlling quick electrical spikes that could enter your home via power, cable, and telephone lines alongside appliances, which could fry circuits.
  • Breaker panel replacement: Loose connections needing tightening or burning wires that need cutting back cause your main breaker panel to make popping sounds, flicker lights, or create a burning smell. Other times, the panel needs replacing, especially with damaged bus bars. If you have a Federal Pacific breaker panel, we’ll remove it to prevent electrical fires. 
  • Arc fault breaker installation: We’ll install arc fault breakers to eliminate the chance of fire when using a receptacle or outlet, which most cities require to bring a home up to code when selling or purchasing. 
  • CSST gas line bonding: We’ll keep your gas line safe with bonding and grounding that’ll prevent it from sustaining damage, including lightning strikes that could encourage a house fire.
  • Service upgrade: We’ll upgrade or service your meter box, whether overhead on a utility pole or underground, and connect it to a tap box or socket.

While we provide many of the above services for both your home and business, some more commercial-specific services from an “electrician near me” include: 

  • Parking lot lighting: We’ll troubleshoot, repair, or replace any street or parking lot lighting fixtures, from fluorescent to HID lamps, from their ballasts to their sockets. 
  • Backup generator systems: We’ll keep your business running with a turnkey backup generator that immediately switches to a manual startup at the first sign of trouble.
  • Tenant finish-outs: We’ll conduct electrical work in lease spaces, including turnkey solutions, giving general contractors one less thing to worry about.
Electrician contractors

What Makes Our Electrician Contractors the Best Electrician Contractors?

Founded in 1988, our family-owned and operated team of local electricians takes care of our neighbors in Southlake, TX, and the surrounding areas. For over 30 years, it’s been our sole mission to ensure all residents, business owners, and general contractors have a leg up on protecting and maintaining their structures with our #1 services by their sides. 

Whether selling, renovating, purchasing a home or commercial estate, or renting or leasing a space, call on us to check out your existing electrical system. We can help you ensure your structure meets building and house codes. Our licensed, trained, and insured electricians begin by assessing any evident concerns before thoroughly examining your circuit breaker, wiring system, and other electrical features. 

If you have older electrical systems, you’ll need replacement components to keep individuals and your structure safe while lowering energy bills. For instance, we’ll remove Federal Pacific breaker panels that used to distribute current throughout homes and businesses decades ago but ended up overloading and causing fires. We’ll also safely replace frayed, melted, or burned-out wires.

If you’ve ever wondered about smart systems, we’ll also discuss which one you can benefit from. From smart lights with dimming and color-changing features to smart speakers that turn them on without manual assistance, our professionals help you determine the best brands for your unique setup.

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Electrician Companies Near Me

When you begin searching for electrician companies near me, you need one that knows how to do it all. Our experienced team conducts residential and commercial electrical repairs, replacements, and maintenance, including parking lot and street lighting, and much more. We’ll even hop on ground-ups or tenant finish-outs to assist general contractors who need a more intricate understanding of various electrical components. 

Since our biggest concern is building lasting relationships, our team prides itself on fast and reliable services accompanied by the best tools on the market and top brand partnerships. We also provide free quotes on all services beforehand with no surprise fees. When you’re ready to rid yourself of flickering lights and possible outlet fires, we’re here for you.

Call Daniel Electric Company at 817-481-8606 for an “electrician near me” in Southlake, TX, or the surrounding areas. You’ll receive a free estimate alongside the best electrician services today!